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Create and sell products with your design, we manage fulfillment

Automated Fulfillment

We not only will do the production and fulfillment for you. But, we automated the process, meaning you just need to sit back and collect.

ZERO Risk!

There is ZERO cost to get started. So, you can turn all your ideas into products for sale with no risk.


Fill out a quick form to see if your designs are eligible to be sold on 

VSTCustoms offers drop shipping services where you can upload up to 5 designs on to a Shirt, Long Sleeve or Hoodie to sell online via our website.

The base cost of your product will depend on the logo size and if the logos are on the front and back of the garment. There is no down payment and you will not be paying any costs out of pocket. Your proceeds will be your price (that you set) minus the base cost of the product.

Once the designs are uploaded and approved, they will be posted on our website. When an order is placed for your design, you will be notified immediately.

VST will fulfill the printing and shipping/returns of your product(s) and you get paid once your products are sold!