Small Businesses: How to Support Them & the Lasting Impacts of Covid-19

June 06, 2021

        During Covid-19, small businesses were economically “hit-hard.” Due to a decline in earnings, the need to preserve income for virus precautions, and the inability to shop “in-person,” the consumers of small businesses heavily reduced. Many of these businesses lost their main source of income because of this virus. Specifically, apparel and retail stores were increasingly affected. At VST, Covid-19 has surely impacted our number of clients and set us back a couple of steps. 

        The question is— how can you help keep small businesses, like us, afloat? The answer is easy and here are a few ways:

Take a chance! Purchase gifts and products from small businesses, whenever given the opportunity! Eg: maybe commit to purchasing from small businesses three times a week.

Refer small businesses! If you don’t want to spend money (which is totally okay!), refer these smaller corporations to friends, family, and co-workers (ie. other potential customers).

Share posts, retweet, like, comment! The more you interact with the accounts of small businesses, the more outreach they receive → again, more potential customers :)

  • Write a review! If you like the products, don’t be afraid to leave a positive review! If you do so, more people are likely to check out and purchase from smaller businesses due to their good reputation :
  • )
  •         If anything, Covid-19 has helped us recognize that we are all humans overcoming similar adversities. During unprecedented times, it’s necessary to come together and support those who are struggling! Try and support a small business *like us :)* this week with some of the tips above! Don’t forget to let us know if you do! Our instagram is @vstcutoms & our email is

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