Fighting COVID: One Article of Clothing at a Time!

June 02, 2021

Mitchell Varian handing out care kits to those without homes (during Covid-19). :)

The contrast of social classes is especially prevalent in times of uncertainty, like COVID-19. While some were struggling to find toilet paper in the aisles of Costco, others were struggling to acquire the daily needs and required precautions to survive the virus. It’s important in a time of vulnerability to evaluate not only your own privileges but also others’ lack of said advantages. 

Since our humble beginning and, most importantly, during the zenith of Covid-19, Vst Customs has focused on providing relief for the less fortunate. Containing T-shirts, masks, and more basic necessities, the care packages we created for the economically disadvantaged aimed to reinforce kindness into the San Jose community. Finding the silver lining to vulnerable times is a priority of Vst Customs that we hope to instill in the public. 

However, we do realize that it may not be financially easy for some to support those without homes. Simply writing an uplifting message or passing on positivity can brighten dull times! Remember: It’s the thought that counts!

Our last piece of mind: How can you help the less fortunate today? :)

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